In 2017, Zigong World Geopark expansion garden application formally passed, Jianshan scenic area as a dinosaur ruins point was included in the World Geopark system; Since 2006, Jianshan Scenic Area has been rated as national water conservancy scenic area, Sichuan Provincial Forest Park , National leisure agriculture and rural tourism demonstration sites. The entire scenic area has a forest coverage rate of more than 70%, negative oxygen ion content of up to 5000 / m³, known as "urban green lung" "natural oxygen bar" "Zigong garden."

Jianshan unique topography and rich water resources breed a wide variety of flora and fauna. According to the statistics of the Forestry Bureau, there are totally 75 families and 203 species of vascular plants in the scenic area, including more than 70 species of medicinal plants such as Pinus massoniana and Chinese fir, more than 50 species of medicinal plants such as Cyperus rotundus and Eucommia, and many kinds of algae and aquatic plants. treasure house. Walk in the woods path, to find nearly 60 species of wildlife, and national class one or two kinds of protected animals to a close contact, not to hear the bustle of the city, only smell the flowers and birds.

Jianshan, totally natural to Shanqing, water Che, Lin You, pink, turned into a fresh and Smart Ink Painting. Breeze was blowing, rippling spring water, wave scales, lake lagoon, cruise tour, slow paddle song. This is a piece of poetic land. The famous poets Liang Ping, Zhang Xinquan and Li Ziguo and many other literati gather together in Jianshan Peach Blossom Poetry Club every year to display their talent and create a gorgeous chapter for Jianshan Scenic Area.

Jinshan Zhong Ling Yuk Sau, outstanding people, outstanding heroes, Autumn Harvest Uprising commander Ludding, Dr. Sun Yat-sen Li Xiaoting, etc., to the beautiful land branded with a red mark, Baoanzhai, Chang En Temple, Jiulongsi and other historical sites more highlights this The depth of the land.

March, spring breeze, flowers burning. As the only sub-venue of the eco-tourism festival in Sichuan Province, Jianshan also ushers in the annual "Peach Blossom and Ecotourism Festival" and has held 18 sessions so far and has become an ever-prosperous brand festival in Zigong. Shen Chenglin, a non-hereditary paper-cutting paper-cutting artist, cut a piece of exquisite jade scroll with dexterous hands. The "Gong Fan" made from Jianshan Huangzhu is even more incredibly impressive.
Sit in the simple and elegant farmhouse courtyard, with the crisp grilled tender sheep outside the tender, white and smooth spring water bean curd, wild Jianshan Lake fish, let people indifferent to all worldly worries, fantastic. Farm cuisine, represented by "Jianshan roast rabbit", has become a signature dish of "salt-for-vegetables", attracting thousands of tourists after another.
At the foot of the mountain, dotted with orchards, covered with fruitful branches, agricultural integration, in the ascendant. Ziliujing District plowing, continue to step up tourism poverty alleviation efforts, after more than 10 years, Jianshan Scenic Area to guide the construction of more than 70 farms, of which 16 star farmhouse, led more than 1,000 villagers embarked on a road to tourism rich, surrounding Jianshancun, dry pond Village, Yutan Village, Yehe Village, Hongyan Village, 135 households and 386 poor households have all been brought out of poverty.
Leaders at all levels of provinces and municipalities attached great importance to the development of Jianshan Scenic Spot and successively visited and investigated this area. Major media also paid close attention to Jianshan and reported them competing. From 2011 to 2016, tourists in Jianshan Scenic Area enjoyed an average annual growth rate of 8.9% and tourism revenue increased by an average of 19.2% annually. The scenic area has received 700,000 tourists each year.

Ziliujing District Committee Government is "do not wait, seize the day and night," the spirit of "tackling difficulties, forging ahead" as the temper, in contrast with the country "one standard three" to build Jianshan "two hearts one area, one area, four islands" Effort to Jianshan scenic Zigong into a tourist and another business card, so that the salt garden, the natural oxygen bar, glow more vivid, magnificent and charming colors.
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