March and April the sun over the years, always has a special favor "southern lights city" reputation of the Zigong blue sky is not pure, but also make people feel clear. In the bright spring days of the season, in the depths of the bustling city to find a public green space, and the family a breath of fresh air that is filled with the scent of flowers. As a result, the Jianshan scenic area, located 17 kilometers southwest of the suburb, became the ideal place for the citizens to feel the spring and feel the nature. During the annual Peach Blossom Festival, Jianshan is full of tourists, so there is the "Zigong garden" "green city" nickname, causing people to Chengdu even further afield attracted to file. Jianshan scenic area, which is the "summer let Chengde cool let Mount Lu" in the world.

In 2017, Zigong World Geopark expansion garden application formally passed, Jianshan scenic area as a dinosaur ruins point was included in the World Geopark system; Since 2006, Jianshan Scenic Area has been rated as national water conservancy scenic area, Sichuan Provincial Forest Park , National leisure agriculture and rural tourism demonstration sites. The entire scenic area has a forest coverage rate of more than 70%, negative oxygen ion content of up to 5000 / m³, known as "urban green lung" "natural oxygen bar" "Zigong garden."

Jianshan unique topography and rich water resources breed a wide variety of flora and fauna. According to the statistics of the Forestry Bureau, there are totally 75 families and 203 species of vascular plants in the scenic area, including more than 70 species of medicinal plants such as Pinus massoniana and Chinese fir, more than 50 species of medicinal plants such as Cyperus rotundus and Eucommia, and many kinds of algae and aquatic plants. treasure house. Walk in the woods path, to find nearly 60 species of wildlife, and national class one or two kinds of protected animals to a close contact, not to hear the bustle of the city, only smell the flowers and birds.
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